Thursday, September 30, 2010

Altered Clipboard

Here's my latest project and altered clipboard.  The swap I'm currently in required us to do one and my partner wanted a picture frame done in victorian for her mother n law.  After doing some research on the web and looking for ideals here's what I can up with.  Hope you like!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Imagine "Imagine" Problems

Well I did recieve my Cricut Imagine and was so excited when I got it earlier then anticipated.  Unfortunately I have to send it back tomorrow.  I am truly disappointed with Provo Craft and their customer service.  I have had 3 issues and the first one they responded very promptly, but the last 2 it took them 3 days to get back to me.  Now they have decided that I should send it back and they will send me a new machine.  I wrote back to the rep and asked about the extra shipping cost I paid to get it here quicker and she said she couldn't do anything about that, but since I have not been able to use the Imagine in the 2 weeks I've owned it, they will give me a cartridge of my choice.  So one good thing did come out of it.  Tomorrow I am calling HSN to see how the 30 day guarntee works since I'm sending the product back.  Wish me luck!!!  I so want this machine to do crafts, I have 50 (exaggerated) things I need it for.  LOL

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cricut Imagine

Let me first start by saying I was totally against buying one.  I had myself thinking that and for some unknown reason, I'll blame it on peer pressure (LOL), I DVR'd the debute.  While watching it I was being pulled in ever so slowly.  Needless to say half way thru the video I'm hooked and thinking how can I talk Shawn into letting me get yet another craft machine.  I finally just talked him into getting me the Expression in February for V'day.  I finished watching the video and tried calling him and he didn't answer, so I awaited patiently and then finally he called back.  I thought for sure he'd say no, but to my amazement he said yes!!!  I called HSN right away and ordered it and it should arrive sometime next week.  I am so excited and a little nervous on learning all these new things.  I watched interviews with the gentlemen who created it and it sounds like there will be alot of thing offered in the future with updates.  I will be counting down the days!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Blog!

Ok, here goes.  LOL  Well I've been really crafty here lately.  I joined a Swap Sister Swap on the Cricut Message Board and every week we have to do a project for our Sister.  We are currently on week three and I've actually gotten the first two projects done.  This week I still need to make a Christmas Ornament.  I actually scraplifted and idea someone posted and am excited to see how it goes.  I will post pics of the completed item later this week.  I've posted some pics of what I've done so far.

  The first week we did Stationary Cards,  and I created the cards with my Cricut  Cartridge Forever Young. 

Week 2 we had to do an altered item.  I did some research and wanted to be different and found an altered cookie sheet.  I still need to drill holes and put the ribbon on it, but other then that it's complete. 

Today I thought up the idea of the brag book for my mom from the dogs for Grandparent's Day on the 13th.  This is my first vinyl project and I used the Paper Pups Cartridge.  I don't know what's gotten in to me, buy I'm filling very crafty here lately. Thanks for reading and have a scrappy time!!

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